Tougher than the rest

One of my absolute favourites, the Muskox - probably the toughest animal in the world. Who else can stand like a rock through the freezing cold winter storms, with only moss to eat?

Anyway, I love all nature and all animals. Have a look at my galleries!

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Nature Photography by Gunnar Haug

My wilderness experience - on your wall!

All my life I have travelled a lot, to all corners of the world. I still love it. During the last ten years my main focus has been on portraying wildlife through photography.
I sell my work, mainly as prints for wall decoration, in various sizes.

Gunnar Haug

The man behind the camera. Trust me, the only shot you will find of me ​​​​​​​here, just to show I'm not a robot. A Norwegian national. Born on the same day as Hugh Grant, but please don't use that against him.

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